IDEM Applications

Our staff members work hard to provide quality environmental oversight and technical assistance in your community and around the state. IDEM is here to help you.

ELTF Claim Status Search  
The ELTF Claim Status Search allows consultants, owners, and operators to determine the status of internal IDEM Reviews for each site

IDEM Form Search
Search for forms provided by IDEM.

Online Complaint Form  
If you need to report an environmental emergency or a spill, please contact us via IDEM's 24-hour Emergency Spill Line toll free at (888) 233-7745 or (317) 233-7745

Preventative Maintenance   
Track and manage the maintenance of equipment.

Vehicle Reservation   
Application requires authentication - Reserve a vehicle from the state vehicle pool

Virtual File Cabinet (VFC)  
IDEM provides internet access to agency public records through the Virtual File Cabinet (VFC). The scanning of records continues on a daily basis

More applications will be added in the future providing additional services and information related to the Indiana Department of Environmental Management.