Search for Authorization Status

The Search by Authorization Status service can be used to obtain the status of authorizations, i.e. permit applications and registrations administered by IDEM. Past and current authorizations can be found with this service. At this time, the following authorization types can be found:

  • Air Permits, Registrations, and Letters of Exemptions
  • Alternative Fuel Processor Registrations, Closures, and Revocations
  • Biomass Digester Registrations, Closures, and Revocations
  • CFO/CAFO Applications, Permits, and Terminations
  • Composting Registrations, Closures, and Revocations
  • E-Waste Storage & Processing Applications, Registrations, Renewals, and Closures
  • Hazardous Waste Applications, Permits, and Closures
  • Mobile Home Demolition Registrations, Closures, and Revocations
  • NPDES Construction Storm Water Permits, Applications and Terminations can be found here:
  • NPDES Industrial Storm Water Permits, Applications, Terminations and Exclusions
  • Solid Waste Land Disposal Applications, Permits, and Closures
  • Solid Waste Excluded Activity Decisions
  • Solid Waste Processing Facility Applications, Permits, and Closures
  • Waste Tire Registrations, Closures, and Revocations

All other IDEM Authorizations are not available through this portal. Please contact the IDEM Public Records Office or specific IDEM program area, 317 232-8603.

Information last update 6/13/2024

Search by Facility

Enter your desired facility search criteria. Searching by any Facility ID assigned by IDEM will be used to find records that are an exact match. Searching by Facility Name, Location Address or Municipality will find records containing your criteria. Wildcards are not needed when searching with these fields. Additionally, this page builds the search criteria using an 'and' search. For example, a Facility Name entry of 'Indiana' combined with a County entry of 'Green' will only retrieve facilities that contain 'Indiana' in the name and are located in Green County.


Search by Authorization

Enter your desired authorization search criteria. This page for will look for records that are an exact match for your criteria. For example, Authorization Number entry of '101' will only return Authorizations with IDs of 101 exactly. If you know the exact Authorization Number, use the right side of the search page and no other criteria is needed. The left side of the page does an 'and' search on all values entered.

Results will be sorted by the authorization Status Date in descending order. Each Authorization can be expanded to view the facility associated with the authorization.

Current status as of 6/13/2024